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Where Did My Love For Cars Actually Come From?

If it's not completely blatant by now, I like cars. It says that on my Bio. So you probably knew that. But I've never gone into detail as to why I like them so much. So let me tell you my story.

I was born on the 19th of December in 2001 in a small historic town in Warwickshire, England. I was a relatively normal baby and was fascinated by the strangest things. However, these things in question, were very similar, and they had a common theme. I was fascinated by things that spun round. Mostly fan blades, but I do also recall several times I flipped my pushchair upside down, and would just sit there for hours spinning the wheels. I don't why but this really got my motor going. When I was about 2 or 3 years old, I was diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum. I'm not going to go off topic and explain what that is, but just know, that's part of the reason I'm so passionate.

Being autistic might have it's difficulties, but it has it's perks too. For example, I would absorb information like a sponge. I would read books about cars, watch TV shows about cars, and play games about cars, 2 of which I still do. Any information I could get would just make me extremely happy that I learned something new about a small Japanese Kei car that I'd never heard of prior. There was no logical reason why I did, it was just one of them things.

My dream job growing up, changed constantly, but like I mentioned earlier about my toddler fascinations, they were all car related in some way. I wanted to be a Racing Driver, then a Crash expert for Euro NCAP. I also at one point wanted to be a Car tuner, and start my own tuning company, and even starting a whole car company in general. I even had a name for the company and had a whole plan of what models I wanted to make and what they would be called. I had dreams of making a sort of custom car company, where I would make real life versions of cars from video games. I had it all planned out with the cars from Burnout Paradise.

I enjoyed drawing when I was younger, and although I have tried more recently to get into it, I just can't find the old love for it. My family would always say that I would end up being a car designer, or some sort of engineer in the company itself. I even had some ideas that I was deadly serious about, so much so, that I even tried to email car companies about them, but to no avail. I would share these ideas, but I haven't got the royalties sorted so I won't take my chances ;)

Obviously, none of this happened. Mental health affected my badly in my teen years, which is probably what caused my controversial music taste, and although I did do motorsport engineering at college, I dropped out before I finished the second year. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, and though I would try this whole writing thing. I would told I had a knack for it so why not?

But to answer the question as to why I love cars so much? I have no idea. I'm fascinated by how they work, and how they look. I like the noises they make and I like going fast. I mean, I bought a turbocharged car at 19. That was more difficult then it should've been but you know, I pulled it off. Cars are wonderful things. I hope I am long gone by the time they disappear. It would be too much to watch cars slowly dying from society. We're already experiencing the electric boom, but at least 3 of those before mentioned things are still true.

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