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Us Punk Fans Have A Lot Of New Stuff To Look Forward To

Updated: 6 days ago

So we have just had the release of Pop Drunk Snot Bread, Bowling For Soup's latest offering to our ears. Featuring new music, as well as some previous single's such as Alexa Bliss and Getting Old Sucks, it definitely tickles the taste buds of old fashioned Bowlers. In other words, If you like songs such as 1985 and Girl All The Bad Guys Want, you will love the before mentioned singles, as well as I Wanna Be Brad Pitt.

But if we put Bowling For Soup Aside, what else do we have to look forward to in 2022? Well for starters, there is the very mysterious unconfirmed album by Green Day, known as 1972. Green Day haven't announced officially that a new album is being released, but there is posts on Instagram and other Social platforms, sharing random videos of dogs and tour footage, all of which are playing a very upbeat unheard song in the background. Many people have assumed it's a teaser of new music, and potentially a new album, but there is still a chance it's all a wind up, or just another single in the making. Whatever it is, 1972 seems to be a recurring theme as it has made an appearance in several videos. All 3 members of Green Day are born in 1972, so it could just be a reference to that, but the hopeful and slightly optimistic theory, is that this year is going to be something big. Of course, Father Of All is just over 2 years old now, and Green Day have released two albums with a smaller time frame previously, as Dookie and Insomniac were released less than 2 years apart. By that logic, we should expect to see something at the end of the year. We can only hope it's better then the album prior.

How about an album that's actually been confirmed? Let's talk about Heaven and Hell, the upcoming album from Sum 41. We haven't heard any audible teasers as yet, but there are a couple of details we do know. Firstly, we know that they will be going back to there Pop Punk roots, meaning it will have a similar sound to All Killer No Filler, and Half Hour Of Power. It may even resemble Underclass Hero, which in my opinion, is an underrated gem. Whatever it sounds like, I know a lot of people will appreciate the change back in genre. The Heavy Metal Stuff was good, but if you liked All Killer, it's very noticeably different. Also, drummer Frank Zummo has recorded all of his parts of the album, meaning progress is going well.

Another we have to look forward to is the so far unnamed Anti-Flag upcomer. So far it's just known as LP 13, and the band have posted several images on their social media pages of members Justin Sane, Chris Head and Chris Number 2 recording their instruments. We don't much about the musical style of the album, but we can almost guarantee it will be heavy, fast and very political, just like every other AF album to date. Over the years they seem to be heading more towards hardcore punk, and further away from their pop punk roots. So it could be another Sum 41 situation, where they head back to the pop punk way of life. That's all just words though. Meaningless theories.

Now another personal theory of mine. The Bouncing Souls have posted of few videos of them in what appears to be a studio. Is this them teasing a new album? There's no official announcements, or any posts throwing hints of any sort, but I vividly remember a video of Pete playing his Guitar in a studio. Whether that was an old video, I couldn't tell. Just a theory. Given that there last studio album was in 2020, just before lockdown. And that wasn't even a proper release, it was just new versions of old songs, their last proper album was in 2016. So who knows? Could we be seeing a new Souls album this year?

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