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The Greatest Exhaust Notes... In The World

One of the greatest things about cars, is the noise that they make. I mean sure, it's not important, but how cool is it! Just think. You have the most lackluster car IN THE WORLD and with one small modification, you can make it sound like a 1 million pound supercar. And the amazing thing is, there are so many unique sounds from all the different types of engine. So sit back and relax, this is gonna be a good one.

Subaru STi

Where do we start with one of the most iconic cars to come from the land of the rising sun. Maybe we should talk about it's endless sucess in Rallying. Or it's insane tuning capabilities. Or the fact that their reputation has been ruined by vaping yobs. Nevetheless, it still has a fantastic burble from it's Turbocharged Boxer Engine.

Audi Quattro

Another complete icon! Everyone's favourite rally car (as discussed in my previous work). It has the looks. It has the speed. It has the sheer driving thrill. The only thing it doesn't have, is a reputation for being wet and limp. It is a proper hardcore rally machine. And in top spec it has 500 hp. Really not bad at all now, is it.

Porsche Carrera GT

What happens if you have a leftover engine from a scrapped formula 1 car project? Well, OBVIOUSLY you put it in a supercar. Yeah. Right. But I'm glad Porsche did, because it might be one of the greatest sounding engines of all time. Unfortunately this car has a reputation for killing the beloved Paul Walker, but he would be proud that I put it on this list. This is for you Paul.

Lamborghini Murcielago

Best sounding Road Legal V12 ever? Well it's either this or the Zonda. Can't choose between them so I tossed a coin, except I didn't really and chose the Lambo. It sounds good on it's own, but with some minor tweaks, it sounds absolutely unbelievable. Like one of those animals that, you know... scream. Is it a bird? No. It's a very angry bull.

Mazda 787B

A Mazda? Really? Ohhhhhhh yes. Definitely. Screams like... a devil child. Looks like a supercars. I really wanted them to make a road legal version. But they didn't, which sucks ass. But oh well. We've got plenty of videos to showcase the glorious noise of that 2 litre Rotary engine. Could listen to it all day honestly

Honda HSV-010... The greatest noise ever?

When someone puts a Honda in a greatest sounds list, people usually want to beat you to death with the blunt end of an axe. I. Don't. Care. Bring your bloody axes. Bring it on mate. I am not taking this off the list. Because this is a VERY special car, that makes a very special noise. Why Honda. Why didn't you sell it. Id have bought one.

Well, that's my list. Hopefully you agree with most of them. If you don't sod off. If you do, then welcome to the club. Appreciating loud noises is hard to do. Bring any of these o=into town, you'll be arrested for noise pollution. No one appreciates this form of art. And it's sad.

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