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Pop Drunk Snot Bread is a must listen for old school punk fans

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In my article prior to this one, I briefly spoke about Bowling For Soup's latest offering to the music world. More specifically the pop punk world. It's been 6 years since BFS released their previous full length studio album, so a new album was readily welcome when it finally arrived. Of course, the band have been keeping us busy with releasing singles (some of which appear on the album) and by going on many tours, including their recent UK one, which I very nearly went on. Aside from Alexa Bliss, I Wanna Be Brad Pitt, Killing 'Em With Kindness and Getting Old Sucks, every song on the album is new and never heard before, at least on a streaming platform.

BFS have always been very linear in the way thy make music. They tend to follow the same 3 basic rules of a good pop punk song. Fast, Loud and has a Positive or Comical Message of some sort. The latter point is actually nice to hear, as many pop punk bands nowadays are either depressing or political, or even both. Having a song that's both really upbeat AND happy, is almost unheard of. Tackling issues such as mental health, and that it's ok to struggle sometimes, the album really defines BFS as a band, and covers everything that makes them special.

The album's opener, Greatest Of All Time, is fast, and upbeat, pumping energy into the listener and really getting them into the mood for the later songs. I wouldn't say it's necessarily an amazing song, but it does really set the mood. Songs about famous people seem to be a theme on this album, with songs about world famous actor Brad Pitt, and even female wrestler Alexa Bliss. Both songs are titled accordingly, and the former is probably the album's strongest point. Of course, I Wanna Be Brad Pitt was released a few weeks prior, but I was so happy to find out that it was actually from the forthcoming album instead of just another single.

It has an extremely catchy chorus, and it just makes you want to sing along, which is easy, as the chorus doesn't have many words, it just repeats the same sentence more or less over again. It does have a guitar solo too, one of only two on the album to do so, the other being The Letter 3, which probably has my favourite message on the whole album. It talks about how life is like a sitcom. Bad stuff happens all the time, but even in the darkest times things will get better and you'll come out alright in the end. Awww.

Hello Anxiety is another good one for giving off positive vibes. If you couldn't guess it's about suffering from anxiety and how it seems like it could take over your life, but it reminds you in it's own subtle ways that not only is it ok to suffer from mental health, but that there is also help available for you. And then there's the extremely relatable Getting Old Sucks, which is effectively a guide for what to expect as a pensioner. It's rather amusing, because it's all so true. I'm not even old and I can already see that.

There's also some songs about singer Jaret's personal life with his life and the band. Wouldn't Change A Thing is a lovely acoustic song, with a great beat and melody, that could even bring a tear to the eye. Many people will just see it as a recap, but some could potentially see it as Jaret saying goodbye. Is that the case?

And then there's the interlude thinks in between. There's 3 in total. The first one is just silly, and a great laugh. It encourages you to go to the toilet whilst the music is on hold. And don't forget to wash your hands as BFS take hygiene very seriously. Then there's the public service announcement which is just a nice message from the band saying that they love you and that the planet is better off with you on it. How sweet. The best thing about them is that the voiceover sounds a lot like Morgan Freeman so they get kudos for that.

Overall the album is a solid entry to the 2020's and BFS are trying their damned hardest to keep their signature sound alive. If you like their old stuff, or even old punk music in general, then this album is mostly a no brainer, as even the weaker songs aren't bad. It's very solid and you need to give it a listen.

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