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I Traded My Usual Racing Game, For Something... A Bit Different.

As you know by reading this blog, you know that I am a big car nut. This includes playing car games and more specifically racing games. I like any kind of genre from arcade and simulators to burnout like combat racers. To say I haven't played or at least tried to play every racing game in existence is purely false. However, I have only really stuck to cars. I never really got into bike games...

I decided on a recent shopping spree that I would try a Bike game. Knowing that Ride, by Milestone was one of the best out there, I decided to pick it up for my Xbox One. My first thoughts were generally positive. The graphics were good, and there was even character customisation, which has only been commonly seen in racing games recently. After I had designed my character accordingly to look somewhat like me (not really,) I finally got the chance to drive my first bike.

I had a choice of 3. I chose the British built, 3 cylinder Triumph Speed Triple, one that I am familiar with thanks to Project Gotham Racing. I had the option of playing a tutorial, which thanks to my lack of experience, I opted for. The tutorial took place at Donington Park. After a basic understanding of the controls, You are left in control, trying different levels of handling difficulty.

My first thought of the handling was, what the hell is going on. Everything I was used to in driving cars had been completely wiped. It was like being 4 years old again and not understanding driving physics. Everything was far slower than you expect it to be. You have to steer before the turn, because the bike leans, it doesn't just turn. I couldn't get used to it. So I tried a split screen race with my girlfriend. Neither of us were any good. I felt like, I was starting to get the hang of it on the last lap, but by the time I did, everyone else had finished. I finished 55 seconds behind very easy opponents.

Don't get me wrong, the game is far from bad, I just wasn't expecting it to be so different. Of course, I'm fully aware that bikes handle very different in real life, but I wasn't expecting a game that old to have replicated it so well. I give Milestone full marks for their effort. It only had one problem... Me.

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