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Electric Cars are like Vegans

Before you write in and complain, at least hear me out. It's not exactly an insult. Then again it's not really a compliment either.

People who know me, know that I have very strong opinions against environmentalists. Not necessarily a hatred.... just thoughts. They sit there, in their faux leather shoes, and barley wheat jackets, eating their broccoli sausages and almond milk, and then they go about there day like they're gods gift to society. (Obviously I'm talking about OTT people here, I'm not implying that every tree hugger is like this, so don't hate me) That's the exact problem with Electric cars. They are produced, and because they produce no fart juice, they get away with blatant murder. The murder of the petrol head community. People like you and me. And literally no body cares. It's not OK to burn down a forest, and wipe out an animal community, but it's OK to destroy a human community? Ok then.

Maybe I'm being a little over dramatic. I just think that Electric cars blow their own trumpet just a little bit too much. They always brag that their cars can do 200 miles on one charge. Whoopie doo. My dog can do more on one drink. Then they brag about the acceleration. Ok sure, they're quick, but only up to a point. Not only do they die down after about 100 mph, but hard acceleration wears both the batteries and motor down. Ouch. And then there's the price. Wanna know what the cheapest electric car on sale in the UK is? A Renault bloody Twizy. Cheap sure, at 6k, but where's the car? It's smaller than a Smart car, and does 50 mph. And has no equipment whatsoever. Sure, it is technically classed as a quadricycle, so if you want the cheapest proper car... you'll need £17 k. For a two seater smart car. Really? Get lost mate.

And then there's the governments! "We will be a purely electric in the automotive sector by 2030" I'm sorry? What word can I use before the watershed on a family friend site. I don't care. How about you Pi....... never mind. I can't be bothered. And this brings me back to my point of vegans. Specifically vegans who shove their personal beliefs down your throat, saying you'll go to hell for eating a bit of Steak. (These are far and few between, but it happens). The government are doing the same with electric cars. Banning you from buying a petrol car. You can't stop me. I don't want an electric car.

I'm not stopping people from buying them, nor do I have a problem with them, as long as they keep to themselves. I appreciate what electric cars do, but forcing people to buy one in the future, isn't fair. Lets all just become Gay whilst we're at it. I mean, we might as well

Note: I have no hatred for vegans, environmentalists, electric car owners, or the homosexual. This is purely a rant and is intended to be taken lightly. :)

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