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Do I Like The Yes! Roadster? Yes! I Do!

Yes! is a German sports car brand founded In 1999 By Marco Kunz. Yes might sound like an odd name for a sports car, but it's actually an abbreviation. It stands for Young Engineers Sportscar, which makes a lot more sense. The world doesn't know much about this car. The Wikipedia page itself is only a couple of paragraphs long. So everything I'm about to say is literally just words.

The Yes, started life as a mid engine, rear drive sportscar powered by a Turbocharged, VW 1.8 engine. This was the original concept. When it came to producing the first road car, the lovely people at Yes decided the final result needed more oomph. It still had a VW powerplant, but this time it was a 3.2 VR6 producing 255 hp, a little bit more then the Golf R32 it borrowed it's engine from. But I'm not interested in that. What I am interested in is the Turbo version. It still has the same 3.2 engine as the standard car, albeit with a Turbo. It produced 355 hp, a whole 100 more then the standard car. Bear in mind that this car weighed only 930 kg. It was quick. 0-60 came in less than 4 seconds, a whole second faster than the base model. 255 hp is more than respectable for a sportscar, but the Turbo version? That's borderline supercar, especially compared to everything else in 2006. I mean, it would do 175 mph. With the engine from a Golf. Just let that sink in.

The price too is pretty decent . It cost around $80,000, which was significantly cheaper than a Porsche GT3. And it's faster than the GT3. Yes the GT3 isn't a direct rival of the Yes, but because the Roadster is so much better than it's actual rivals, it can compete with the big expensive supercars. Of course, they didn't build many. Only 3 made it to the USA. As for the rest of the world? Anywhere between a dozen and a few hundred. No one knows. It's a proper drivers car too, as it lacks any form of driver aids. And, any buyer got a 2 day race training course, so they could learn how to drive it properly. You don't even get that with McLaren's.

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