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5 Bands that are Great to listen to in the car

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

One of the many luxuries of driving around nowadays, is the ability to listen to pretty much anything you want on the radio. Thanks to Bluetooth, it's never been easier to put that one weird song that no one has heard of, through your speakers at top volume. But who should you be listening to? Here are my personal favourite music makers for that dreary M40 run.


If you can find me someone who hasn't heard of Queen, I will give you £100. If you find someone who doesn't like them, I'll give £1000. (Yes that makes sense in my head, move along.) They are the definition of iconic. The greatest there ever was. And they wrote some insane songs. If you've never had the pleasure, take a listen to Don't Stop Me Now. It's perfect for the B-Roads

Key Song: Don't Stop Me Now

Bon Jovi

In honour of my late Grandma, I had to include Bon Jovi. Not only because she absolutely loved them, but because, they are legendary. You can't help recognise Livin on a Prayer when it comes on. It's a great, feel good song, that EVERYONE knows and loves. Put it on at your next Disco, and everyone will get up and dance, or sing along, or both. It's just as awesome down the motorway too.

Key Song: Livin' On A Prayer

Dead Kennedys

This is a band I had the pleasure of listening to recently, and I'm very glad I did. They weren't around that long, but they made some killer songs, some definitive Punk tunes. Maybe they are too political for your liking, but sometimes we need a little strong opinion every now and then. Nearly all of their songs are fast paced, and energetic. Perfect for rush hour then.

Key Song: Holiday In Cambodia

Sum 41

The icons of Early 2000s Skate Punk, and have been around pretty much as long as I've been alive. The best thing about the Sum, is that they have covered all sorts of rock genres, from ballads, to full on heavy metal. So there's plenty of choice for every kind of taste. And why would you not want to listen to music by band members called Bizzy D, Brownsound and Cone?

Key Song: Fat Lip

Green Day

Obviously I left the best till last. I've been listening to Green Day since I was 2 years old. I can't begin to describe the impact they've had on the music world. On everyone's lives. Since 1994, they've had nothing but success. And like Sum 41, they are bloody good at pretty much every kind of music. From the completely manic Bang Bang, to the questionable Nightlife, there's something in their discography for everyone.

Key Song: Holiday

Obviously this is based on my personal opinion, and not everyone will agree. I am obviously slightly biased towards rock music, but who cares. It's the best kind of music anyway. And It's not up for discussion. End of Script

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